Product Details

Mobile Duck X CMHK 5G $88 China / Hong Kong 15days Data Prepa id SIM Card

‐ Operator: CMHK
‐ If you use the service in Hong Kong, you need Real‐name Registration
‐ 3GB of data usage in China and Hong Kong (activated an additional 6GB will be given)
‐ After 5G data is used up, the speed will drop to 128kbps, unlimited data is applicable to mainland China and Hong Kong
‐ Subject to the expiry date as printed on the SIM Cardholder, mobile data service is valid from the next day upon activation to the 15th day 23:59 (Hong Kong time).
‐ Allowed to connect to any social network platform and Hong Kong website

200pcs get 10pcs Mobile Duck X CMHK 5G $88 China / Hong Kong